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free love spells to bring back a lover

If you really care about your lost love, you must fight to bring that person back into your life and make sure everything stays the same as before! Each relationship or marriage has small or large problems and is an integral part of the relationship. Many couples argue, disagree on certain things, diverge, and this happens every day, especially in modern times. The latest research shows that every third marriage in modern times ends with a divorce! This is certainly a worrying fact. The worst part is that these problems can occur at different times, sometimes at the beginning of the relationship, and sometimes in later stages, love is broken even in couple. Love spells are very powerful and have been proven to work, but people simply refuse to believe.

Love spell that works absolutely

This is a love spell that is proven to work, and that will bring back your lost lover. It is also desirable to make special meditations of water elements and fire elements that control emotions, desires and passions, so that these elements and their properties are more easily applied during the execution of the love spell. To cast this love spell you need: - Red candle - Needle - Sweater - Red rose petals - A red linen bag (a red canvas or silk stitched!) - Herbs that attract love: basil, cedar, cinnamon - male aphrodisiac, ginger, clover, four leaf clover (no more than 4!), red rose, jasmine, patchouli, strawberry - Essential oils: cinnamon, clove, jasmine, rose, strawberries - Rocks: rose quartz, rose crystal Can be a little difficult love spell for beginners because to make it work,

Many ingredients are needed in this love spell. So you will need time to collect them all or go to different stores! But everything will be worth it, because after completing this love spell, your lost lover will absolutely return to your arms.

Candle love spell that work fast

To cast this love spell to bring back a lover that works, you must first light the candle. Burn a small amount of plants that correspond to the ritual in a prepared and well insulated bowl. Imagine how your lost lover comes back to you. Imagine your arrival. Consider the qualities you want from your partner. Spread the petals in the area where you work. Take one at a time and write a word like: lost love, lover, return, couple, happiness, passion, romance, love spell, works. Lift each ribbon printed on the candle and imagine that your request goes to the universe to act. After that, store the patch in a red bag that, after completing the ritual, wrap the three rows with a red rope three times to close it.

Take a rose quartz or a crystal in your hands (a preferred heart shape) and charge it with energy the way you imagine and feel love. Put the remaining plants that you did not burn in red linen bag along with glass and rose petals; close. Store the bag in a safe place and carry it in your pocket or bag. The bag will be very charged with energy and will serve to attract your lost love. For the love spell to work, you must make sure that no one else touches it.


When reality refuses to fit someone's desire, there is a need for magical influence on reality. The main principle of the love spell mentality is the belief that desires and feelings themselves can directly affect events in the outside world. It is believed that because of the very fact that a person wants something that "invokes" or "provokes", that happens exactly. Although the magical mentality appeared at the beginning of human society, it occasionally reacts to popular literature that promotes it as a desirable lifestyle. When the desire itself is not enough, people feel that it is necessary to express the desire with some special words or follow a special procedure to increase the effect on reality. This creates various formulas and actions of love spells.

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